About a century ago Schaarbeek was very well know for its sour cherries. For the most part they got lost due to increasing urbanisation. Today brewers of Lambiek beer and geuze start to experiment again with the Schaarbeek sour cherries.

Not that they are still to be found in Schaarbeek, at best they are grown in the nearby Pajottenland. The Schaarbeek of the 21st century doesn’t seem to have a lot of space for cherry orchards but if you look closely you can spot more then enough places to grow the Prunus cerasus ‘sour cherry of Schaarbeek’. They can be found in the public space of Schaarbeek, in gardens of its citizens, in schools and in business parks.

Since 2011 the community center Kriekenlaar and 1030 Cultuur are working on the ‘Schaarbeekse Kriekenboomsage’, a project to reintroduce the sour cherry trees in Schaarbeek. The Bûûmplanters are proud to be a part of the activities.

More information and news can be found in the newsletter and on the Facebook page of the Kriekenboomsage.