From apples and eggplants over plums and wild edible herbs and blackberries: the food production in the Brussels back yards and vegetable gardens has to grow , but is higly depending on pollination.

This year and in 2021 we work with Bûûmblebezen on a coordinated dispersal of edible herbs, climbing plants, shrubs and trees in vegetable gardens and private yards of citizens, schools and companies in the area, indicated in yellow on the map.

Together with the bûûmen and sour cherry trees we have allready planted we can build on a robust green network with a rich biodiversity aiming for food production for the people as well as for food and nesting sites for the natural pollinators.

Do you have some free space within the project perimeter to sow or plant? Would you like to join the project? Let us know by completing the short questionnaire.

Bûûmblebezen is a project of the Bûûmplanters (NoWayBack vzw) in the form of a partnership with Centrum voor Botanische Verrijking, Atelier Permanent, GC De Brouwerij, Drie Fonteinen en Humphrey Restaurant . The project is supported by Leefmilieu Brussel as part of the Good Food- Strategy.